AMTC - Advanced Manufacturing Technology Conference

The most influential C-level event in Additive Manufacturing

Connecting Opportunities – Driving the AM Ecosystem

AMTC 2022 showcased thriving network for industrializing Advanced Manufacturing. The AMTC concept has now become a reality where industry, science, and politics join forces to integrate AM into the industrial process. 

Last year a significant milestone was achieved: the Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Campus started operating on the premises of the Technical University of Munich in Garching. This offers new opportunities to build a vibrant ecosystem and strengthen the AMTC Community through developing AM technology in R&D projects.

In 2023, we did not host an AMTC event, instead we focused on the development and establishment of the new AM Campus in Garching. We are enthusiastic about revamping the AMTC format to align with the evolving industry landscape, activities, and projects. Furthermore, the Bavarian AM Cluster (BAMC) is actively driving activities, although its funding stage remains in progress.

At the AM Campus we are driving innovation and invite you to actively collaborate with us.

We all know about the benefits of metal AM and the most rewarding industries – automotive, space, de- fense, medical sector, and tooling. This report investigates on new, evolving industries that probably aren’t on the radar of the AMTC partners by 2022, but could be worthwhile to prepare for the timespan through 2030. In accordance with the methods of scientific futurology, the explorative approach is oriented to known trends.

Download the AMTC 2022 Future Study

AMTC 2022 Infographic