AMTC - Advanced Manufacturing Technology Conference

The most influential C-level event in Additive Manufacturing.

Connecting Opportunities – Driving the AM Ecosystem

On October 11-12, 2022 the world's most influential C-level conference highlighting Additive Manufacturing took place for the fifth time. Check the AMTC 2022 impressions and stay tuned for AMTC 2023.

The motto of AMTC 2022 "Connecting Opportunities - Driving the AM Ecosystem" makes it clear that there are great opportunities in bringing together global knowledge about Additive Manufacturing. A cross-continental exchange between Asia, Europe and America took place in the lectures and presentations of 10 blue print cases as well as in the expert discussions.

We all know about the benefits of metal AM and the most rewarding industries – automotive, space, de- fense, medical sector, and tooling. This report investigates on new, evolving industries that probably aren’t on the radar of the AMTC partners by 2022, but could be worthwhile to prepare for the timespan through 2030. In accordance with the methods of scientific futurology, the explorative approach is oriented to known trends.

Download the AMTC 2022 Future Study

AMTC 2022 Infographic