Advanced Manufacturing Technology Conference: Speakers 2022

  • Ilse Aigner

    President of the Bavarian State Parliament
  • Hendrik Alfter

    Oerlikon AM - General Manager AM Europe
  • Dr. Joo Hock Ang

    Sembcorp Marine - Assistant Vice President (R&D)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Bambach

    ETH Zürich - Full Professor for Advanced Manufacturing
  • Francisco Betti

    World Economic Forum - Head of Advanced Manufacturing, ExCom Member
  • Dr. Jason Carroll

    Eaton - Vice President Global Technology
  • Dr. Melinda Crane

  • Dr. Nicholas Deliyanakis

    European Commission - Policy Officer Industrial Transformation
  • James DeMuth

    Seurat Technologies - CEO & Co-Founder
  • Prof. Anping Dong

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Professor of Materials Science
  • Andreas Frahm

    Trumpf - Head of Global Sales Laser Technology
  • Manja Franke

    AMEXCI - Chief Strategy Officer
  • Paolo Gennaro

    GF Machining Solutions - Head of Additive Technologies
  • Vincent Gerretz

    gemineers - Co-Founder & Managing Director
  • Kimberly Gibson

    America Makes - Ecosystem Director
  • Markus Glasser

    EOS GmbH - Senior Vice President EMEA
  • Marcus Goehl

    Siemens Digital Industry Automation - Head of Manufacturing Haguenau
  • Kai Gondlach

    PROFORE Gesellschaft für Zukunft mbH - Master of Arts Futures Research
  • Bill Haddad

    Collins Aerospace - Director, Additive Design and Manufacturing
  • Dr.-Ing. Miriam Haerst

    Kumovis - Manager Operations
  • Prof. A. John Hart

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Arno Held

    AM Ventures Management - Managing Partner
  • Frank Herzog

    HZG Group - Founding Partner
  • Dr. Karsten Heuser

    Siemens AG - Vice President Additive Manufacturing
  • Dr. Sven Hicken

    Oerlikon - CTO, Surface Solutions Division
  • Oliver Hoffmann

    Audi AG - Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann

    Technical University of Munich - President
  • Max Horn

    Fraunhofer IGCV - Group Leader Additive Manufacturing
  • Akanksha Jagwani

    SixSense - Co-Founder and CEO
  • Michael Kilian

    Airbus Defence and Space - R&D Manager for Additive Manufacturing of RF Space Components
  • Dr. Peter Koerte

    Siemens AG - Corporate Vice President, Chief Technology & Chief Strategy Officer
  • Sven Krause

  • René Kreissl

    Trumpf - Head of Business Unit Additive Manufacturing
  • Dr. Christian Leinenbach

    EMPA - Head Advanced Processing & Additive Manufacturing of Metals
  • Lionel Lim

    EDB - Singapore Economic Development Board - Vice President & Head, Technology Hardware & Equipment
  • Jeff Lints

    Fortius Metals - CEO and Founder
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Mayr

    Technical University Munich - Professor of Materials Engineering of Additive Manufacturing / Department Head Materials Engineering
  • Dr. Bernd Mlekusch

    Audi AG - Head of Development Exterior
  • Luisa Elena Mondora

    F3nice - CEO
  • Sherri Monroe

    Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association, Inc. - Executive Director
  • Caroline Muders

    Mesago Messe Frankfurt - Junior Exhibition Manager
  • Kazuhiko Nishioka

    Sun Metalon - CEO
  • Dr. Melissa E. Orme

    Boeing - Vice President Boeing Additive Manufacturing, Engineering, Test & Technology
  • Dr.-Ing. Michael Ott

    Siemens Healthcare - Head of Production Innovation Technology Center Mechatronic Products
  • Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Piegert

    Siemens Energy - Technology Field Lead Additive Manufacturing
  • Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen

    Danish AM Hub - CEO
  • Matthias Scharvogel

    Element22 - CEO
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum

    RWTH Aachen University - Professor and Director DAP RWTH, Managing Director ACAM
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Schoenenberger

    UnternehmerTUM - CEO
  • Benjamin Schoenfuss

    World Economic Forum - Specialist, Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Seidel

    University of Applied Science Munich / Fraunhofer Institute IGCV - Full Professor for Manufacturing Technologies and Additive Manufacturing / Head of Additive Manufacturing
  • Dr. Dirk Simon

    Farsoon Europe - CEO
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Suess

    Oerlikon - Executive Chairman
  • Dr.-Ing. Markus Tacke

    Oerlikon - CEO, Surface Solutions Division
  • Dr. Cailan Tian

    Deep Blue Aerospace Co. - Project Manager
  • Valeria Tirelli

    Aidro - President & CEO
  • Tuan TranPham

    Azul 3D - Chief Revenue Officer
  • Dr. Oliver Trinchera

    Kinexon - Founder & CEO
  • Dr. Martin White

    ASTM International - Head of AM Programs – EU Region
  • Dr. Sonja Wolfrum

    Siemens AG - Senior Key Expert Additive Manufacturing
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katrin Wudy

    TUM Technical University of Munich - Professor for Laser-based Additive Manufacturing
  • Chris Wyres

    Evove - CEO
  • Prof. Lianghua Xiong

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Associate Professor of Materials Science
  • Dr. Guoying Zheng

    ST Engineering Commercial Aerospace - Vice President, Head of AMDC
  • Dr.-Ing. Felix Zimmer

    Bundeswehr - Branch manager at WIWeB for Additive Manufacturing, Information Technology