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The first Munich Technology Conference started in 2017 as a cooperative project between Oerlikon, the University of Excellence TU Munich and several other industry pioneers. The idea: an annual gathering of decision-makers in the global Additive Manufacturing community. The aim was to drive the leading technology through an extensive exchange of experience and ideas towards industrialization.

  • Program

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      AMTC 2021 Program

  • Media Release

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      Momentum for Growth: 4th AMTC to explore the industrialization of additive manufacturing for a new tomorrow

  • Thesis Paper

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      AMTC 2021 Thesis Paper

  • Key facts

  • Presentations

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      Caroline Albert / nebumind GmbH

    • pdf (3.85 MB)

      Andrey Alekseev / Spectroplast AG

    • pdf (2.23 MB)

      Philipp Arnold / Additive Drives

    • pdf (6.67 MB)

      Felix Ewald / DyeMansion GmbH

    • pdf (5.61 MB)

      Pierre Forêt / Linde

    • pdf (657.83 KB)

      Dr. Ali Forsyth / Alloy Enterprises

    • pdf (957.67 KB)

      Arno Held / AM Ventures Management GmbH

    • pdf (2.07 MB)

      Prof. Dr. Patrik Hoffmann / Empa

    • pdf (9.85 MB)

      Dr. Markus Seibold / Siemens Energy AG, Dr. Karsten Heuser / Siemens Digital Industries

    • pdf (2.08 MB)

      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Seidel / University of Applied Science Munich

    • pdf (2.32 MB)

      Christian Staudigel / Headmade Materials GmbH

    • pdf (1.24 MB)

      Jürgen Tiedje / Directorate Prosperity in the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission

AMTC 2021

The fourth global AM conference of AMTC (formerly MTC) took place October 12-14, 2021.